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Our Models

Cassia Capital Partners has developed four investment models that we use to create liquid, diversified portfolios that span multiple asset classes and mitigate risk. By appropriately combining these models for each client into an individual portfolio, we can closely target the risk parameters of each client and maintain liquidity.

chartThese models are constantly monitored and rebalanced.

leafOngoing management of core models

  • Formal monthly model reviews
  • Periodic rebalancing
  • Primary factors in rebalancing decisions
    • Risk metrics (VaR, Sharpe)
    • Macro analysis
    • Comparison to initial target ranges
    • Asset class allocations
    • ETF liquidity & assets under management

leafCCP Diversified provides exposure to a basket of ETFs across equities, fixed income, precious metals, energy and emerging markets. The investment sleeves cover multiple equity sectors in the United States, as well as exposure to international and emerging market equities. Fixed income exposures span both the yield curve and government, corporate, and mortgage sectors.

leafCCP Income targets high dividend yields for a given level of risk. The model allocates to fixed income, inflation protected treasuries, emerging markets, high dividend paying equities and high-yield corporate securities. This model is designed for investors who prefer risk-adjusted exposure with a high yield.

leafCCP Inflation Protected is designed to provide increased investment returns in a rising inflationary environment. The model is allocated to inflation-protected treasuries, gold, certain currencies, agriculture and US REITs.

leafCCP Liquid Alternatives provides hedge fund strategies through ETFs and 40 Act mutual funds. The model allocates to strategies that should provide higher levels of uncorrelated return with some downside protection but provide investors with daily liquidity.

leafCCP Balanced Risk is a fully diversified turnkey portfolio that bases its construction on the models noted above.